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Re: URGENT: SCSI problems

>> The Adaptec driver on Linux is broken and has always been. I *strongly* suggest to never use an Adaptec card on a Linux machine.
>I have been running Linux for over four years now, 2.5 years with a Adaptec 2940,
>using the AIC7xxx driver.
>I have tested a mutitude of kernels, I have _NEVER_ had any problem, it have
>been _ROCK SOLID_... So your suggestion is, I think a little premature...

Oh, they are rock solid, as long as you don't use them. I have one in my
home machine and it's been more or less trouble free. The machines at the
office no longer have any adaptec controllers as they were currupting
filesystems left, right and center. For some strange reason they stopped
doing that when we replaced the 2940's with BusLogic controllers.

Incidentally, my new machine has a Symbios 53c875...


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