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Re: SAINT ? (Was: Bug#24706: SAINT attack crashes xdm)

On Sun, Aug 02, 1998 at 09:01:51PM +1200, Carey Evans wrote:
> Eric Fain <Eric.Fain@colorado.edu> writes:
> > Yes, it is a successor to SATAN, available at
> > http://www.wwdsi.com/saint/
> > it is freely available and open-source, not sure if it is GPL-free
> > though.
> It's definitely not DFSG free.  We can't even put it in non-free:
> [...]
> b.You may not publish, re-publish,...

and it prohibits commercial use:

c.The use of the SAINT-US is limited to your internal, non-commercial use
only. The use, compilation, installation, modification, maintenance or
operation must be performed by employees of your organization. If you
require assistance from outside your organization, the SAINT-US and source
code are considered "commercial" and not eligible under this license

Personally I think this is unfair against Dan and Wietse to restrict the use
of the software that much (without adding realy much new code), but I have
talked to Wietse and he said that he does not care which licensing others
place on derived work (as long as the derived work has a new name).


PS: there will be a short article about saint in the upcmming issue of the
Freefire Bulletin (http://www.inka.de/sites/lina/freefire-l/index.en.html)
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