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Re: URGENT: SCSI problems

On 1 Aug 1998, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

> > > experianced a scsi write timeout. I'm concerned this may be due to a
> > > driver bug. Last time I tried upgrading the kernel the scsi driver blew up
> > > horribly and we can't afford to repeat that now.
> > 
> > The Adaptec driver on Linux is broken and has always been. I *strongly* suggest to never use an Adaptec card on a Linux machine.
> I have been running Linux for over four years now, 2.5 years with a Adaptec 2940,
> using the AIC7xxx driver.
> I have tested a mutitude of kernels, I have _NEVER_ had any problem, it have
> been _ROCK SOLID_... So your suggestion is, I think a little premature...

If master is any indication problems manifest themselves under high load,
ie the machine had a load of about 5 for almost two hours when this error


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