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Re: Archive Restructuring - Package Pool

Anthony Towns wrote:

>3. Changes to the dists/ hierarchy

I just had this thought (tell me if it's stupid):

Why (if we implement this package pool) do we even need symlinks in the
dists hierarchy?  dpkg-scanpackages can be very simply hacked to read
in a list of .deb files to scan.  That list would be built from the
override file.  The override files would then become the definition of
which packages make up a distribution, and dists/ would only contain:


slink/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz files might contain

   Package: foobar
   Version: 1.1-1
   Maintainer: Joe Soap <soap@debian.org>
   Architecture: i386
   Filename: package_pool/f/o/obar/foobar_1.1-1_i386.deb

and overrides.slink.i386 might contain

   foobar	optional	main/misc	1.1-1

(Hmm.  Manual intervention shouldn't be needed to keep the version number
up-to-date, so this might be better done another way.  Perhaps have the
'unstable' distribution's override file built automatically to include
all the highest-versioned package available; then, at freeze time,
copy this as the 'frozen' override file (so that it has the latest
version numbers at freeze time).  Then, installing a new package into
the frozen distribution would just involve editing the version number
in the override file and rebuilding the Packages files.)

So, does anyone (or anyscript?) really need to manage symlink farms when
the Packages file can do the job for us?

Charles Briscoe-Smith
White pages entry, with PGP key: <URL:http://alethea.ukc.ac.uk/wp?95cpb4>
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