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Re: Bug#25189: ftp site reorganisation breaks production server sup port

*-Guy Maor (30 Jul)
| Ok, it was a mistake for me to remove bo.  Putting it back now is
| impossible because of the hit on the mirrors.  bo is still on master's
| hard drive so if anybody wants to set up bo mirrors, that's fine.

As the bug report states it has made support of production machines very
difficult.  I think it is important that Debian provides an 'official'
archive of bo, not just "if anybody wants to set up bo mirrors, that's fine."
As I said in my past posts the archive should, at least, be on
ftp.debian.org. If other mirrors don't want to mirror bo that is
completely understandable.

Dropping bo from the 'official' ftp site is like a company removing all
patches, updates, etc. for older releases of products as soon as a new
product is released.  Not a very go P.R. move.



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