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Re: FHS: Wholesale conversion is wrong

Richard Braakman writes:
 > I propose the following trajectory:
 >   1. Policy change: all files installed in /usr/share must be pointed 
 >      to by symlinks not in /usr/share.  (Note that this is already
 >      required by the FSSTND, section 6.3)

IIRC, FSSTND also mandates that no program actually refers directly to
files in /usr/share/.  What shall we do about programs already
internally using /usr/share/ upstream ?

 >   3. Ensure that dpkg can handle a package upgrade that moves a 
 >      directory and replaces it with a symlink to the new location.
 >      Brandon Robinson ran into problems when he did this in xbase.

He's not the only one.  I was hit by this with 2 packages, which ended
in `rm -rf's in preinst script to turn around this.  I sent a simple
test-case in a bug-report, and got positive feedback from Ian or Klee
(don't remember), telling they were already investigating this

I'd add that both replacing a plain dir with a symlink, and replacing
a symlink with a plain dir cause problems to dpkg 1.4.0.x.  Never
tried 1.4.1.x.  You've been warned ;)

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