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Re: Archive Restructuring - Package Pool

> Anthony Towns wrote:
> >3. Changes to the dists/ hierarchy
> >----------------------------------
> I just had this thought (tell me if it's stupid):
> Why (if we implement this package pool) do we even need symlinks in the
> dists hierarchy?  dpkg-scanpackages can be very simply hacked to read
> in a list of .deb files to scan.  That list would be built from the
> override file.  The override files would then become the definition of
> which packages make up a distribution, and dists/ would only contain:

> So, does anyone (or anyscript?) really need to manage symlink farms when
> the Packages file can do the job for us?

Maintaining the symlink farm means that people with old versions of 
dpkg/dselect/apt (such as, everyone who just installed hamm) can use 
the new layout.  Otherwise, when slink gets released, once again we 
will have to say "Before you upgrade to Debian 2.1, you must do the 
following first...", which I think we are trying to avoid.  (I don't 
-think- the current dpkg can deal with that... otherwise why would you 
be suggesting that it can be hacked?).  Perhaps we can make that change 
in slink, but keep the symlink farm until after slink is released?

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