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Re: Archive Restructuring - Package Pool

On Wed, Jul 29, 1998 at 08:27:58PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> 6.3 The Package Pool and GNU/HURD
> ---------------------------------
> We do have a possible problem, however, with a single package-pool like
> this. In particular, what do we do with HURD packages?
> If we can build all our HURD packages from the same source as our GNU/Linux
> packages, we're fine -- the HURD release is no different to the alpha or
> i386 releases.

Yes, we build from Debian sources. Atthe moment, we can't judge how far we
will come this way, but at the moment it is safe to consider Debian GNU/Hurd
to be another port, just like alpha, sparc etc. Only much less stable :)
> If, however, we decide we would prefer to keep the sources separate (to
> reflect the different filesystem layout, different standard base system
> or something else) then the HURD does not fit into the above layout --
> at a minimum there would need to be two source directories.

Nonono. We don't have the manpower to make a distribution completely
different. We try to live with a symlink /usr -> /, this should be
sufficient for now.
> Remember to breathe.

Will try. ;)

Thank you,

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