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Re: "goals" for slink: FHS

Lee Bradshaw wrote:
> 1. New packages install in /usr/share and install symlinks in old locations
> all slink packages work with hamm programs -- man, info,...

That's a _lot_ of symlinks. Think about man pages.

> 2. man, info,... are modified to support both old and new locations
> 3. some debian release (slink if the programs are modified in time)
> 4. New packages install in /usr/share and remove old symlinks
> stable man, info,... no longer require symlinks
> 5. After all packages are updated to FHS, then man, info,... are
> modified to support only new locations

Other than that it's ok, but I prefer the version that just has updated
versions of mani, info, etc, in debian 2.0r1. It requires only one major
release to transition to full fhs, your proposal requires 2 major debian

see shy jo

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