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Re: package configuration design

Previously Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	You started it ;-)

Ehm, guilty I guess. My home system also doesn't take that long, even
though is has an 2  year old mainboard an 4 year old harddisks, no
DMA no nothing:
  0.030u 0.070s 0:03.27 3.0%      0+0k 0+0io 102pf+0w

> 	People like to browse through directory structures. File
>  systems. Web paages. But suddenly present them with a node with
>  several thousand brnaches, and you have lost them. 

Browsing things have slightly different demands: if I am looking for
something I want it in multiple categories: wget in both net and www,
gpm2 in both math and libraries, etc. 

> 	As I said, we should design for tomorrow. Not to the
>  constrains of yesterdays technology ;-). I think that adding
>  logical structure to the list of packages is desirable.

Structuring the list of packages and making the configuration space more
intuitive are two different things. Not that I'm against either one of them

I think it's time the policy-people start thinking about ordering
packages, especially since apt can also use that (and Jason was already
asking us about it if I remember correctly).


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