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Re: package configuration design

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

 Joey> Well we already have a directory structure on the ftp site. The
 Joey> problem is it's confusing. Is wget in net (makes ftp
 Joey> connections) or web (makes www connections)? Is kernel-package
 Joey> in admin (helps the admin do something) or devel (compiles
 Joey> something) or misc? Is lilypond in sound (it typesets music and
 Joey> can output .midi files) or tex (it can output tex files)?

__> find_section kernel-package
Section: misc
__> find_section wget
Section: web
__> find_section lilypond
Section: tex

	What you are missing is a simple index scheme. Rather than
 devolving back to primal chaos, we should implement a simple indexing
 scheme to find where a package is.

	In the simplest incarnation, it would be a file:

kernel-package: /some/place/there
lilypond: /another/location

	Usin this simple scheme, dloc kernel-package would show you
 the full path.

	I do not find indexing a sufficient object to an organized
 heirarchy for the config elements.

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