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Automatic building of Debian: some results

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I've just completed running my dbuild script on a mirror
of hamm. I could build 931 source packages successfully and
failed to build 195. The log files of the failed builds are in
<http://www.iki.fi/liw/dbuild/dbuild-logs/>, for those interested.
There's still some problems with my build environment, so not all
those packages are buggy.

Some general comments:

* Source dependencies would be nice, but we can do without them for
  the time being by using a build machine that has lots of stuff
* There are a number of packages that need stuff outside their own
  source package to build. For example, doc-linux needs an LDP
  mirror, and some packages seem to need Tcl/Tk source, or kernel source.

* A few packages still use su or sudo or some similar program directly
  in the debian/rules file. They need to be fixed to let dpkg-buildpackage
  do the become-root thing instead.
* Some packages need conflicting tools to build. For example, some needed
  tk7.6-dev, some tk8.0-dev, I think. I don't know how to solve this.

* On the whole, the situation (on a i386) is pretty nice.

(Those who have been doing automatic builds as parts of the porting
efforts can probably add more comments to this.)

dbuild is available at <http://www.iki.fi/liw/debian/>. I just made
version 1.6, which sports (among other things) an updated manual page.
I haven't uploaded it even to experimental, because I don't want to
crowd out other people's efforts at auto-building scripts.

who is desperately trying to fill debian-devel with something else than
licensing flame wars

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