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Re: Should we ship KDE in hamm?

>>"Joseph" == Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@earthlink.net> writes:

 Joseph> Would a copy of an email saying something along the lines of
 Joseph> "Of course we allow KDE to be linked with Qt!" solve it?

	Nope. That merely gives on the right to link it. Distributing
 it is another. Binaries can not be distributed under the GPL, and the
 right to do so does not come from KDE, it can only come from Troll.

 >> Additionally, if they are so darned willing to grant this
 >> exception, how come they are not willing to put this in writing? My
 >> mother warned me about people pushing a product, making promises,
 >> which they would not put in writing. I think she had a point.

 Joseph> They have, informally, many times by now.

	My mother warned me about people who informally promised me an
 alleged pig in a poke, but would not put it down in writing, formally.


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