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Should we ship KDE in hamm?

I couldn't find a good mail to reply to in the KDE thread, so I figured
I'd write a new one and set a relevant subject while I was at it :)

The license issue seems controversial at least.  Personally I would
be willing to assume an implicit exception for Qt in the KDE license,
except that the KDE developers refuse to add that exception explicitly.
They've had ample opportunity.

But the other point I wanted to mention is that we may not want to
distribute these KDE binaries at all.  They're version 980312-8, which
by now is very outdated.  I think we'd look silly releasing those while
everyone is still talking about the 1.0 release.

So maybe the technical issue can defuse the philosophical one :)
By the time slink is ready, Harmony might be usable.

Richard Braakman

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