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Re: Kernel Recompile

>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

 Raul> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> wrote:
 >> Well, if they install a Debian packaed kernel source package, it is
 >> documented in there. It is documented in the kernel-package package.
 >> If you wish, I shall even add it to the kernel-image package, about
 >> what one should do to upgrade the kernel the debian way.

 Raul> I think it should be mentioned each of these places and in modutils
 Raul> as well.

	It has been now so documented in the kernel-* packages. Not
 that I think this shall make much of a difference, because I think
 few people actually read the documentation.

 Raul> I don't care if it's standard or not. However, if other debian packages
 Raul> depend on this package in some fashion (and near as I can tell, every
 Raul> debian package which deals with modules does), they should document its
 Raul> existence (probably by suggesting it).

	If they actually depend on it, I guess so. I really think,
 though, apart from packages that really depend on kernel-mage-VERSION
 explicitly, nothing really requires the kernel be compiled with
 kernel-package. They just require the kernel be compiled and
 installed *correctly*. Like, that the kernel actually can find the
 modules and packages can find the System.map. 

	The problem really seems to happen when people can't get the
 kernel compiled and installed right. In that case, it is
 really easier to point them to kernel-package than repeat the whole
 thing over in excruciating detail (which, in the past, people still
 did not manage to get right). 

 Raul> I don't care if people actually use the code in the package to build
 Raul> kernel images or not. However, I feel that what the code does should be
 Raul> documented, so that those who feel the urge to do it manually can be
 Raul> referred to the documentation. Unfortunately, with the current state of
 Raul> affairs, such folk have a valid objection.

	What valid objection? What, pray, does the kernel-package do
 which is special (apart from not making very many mistakes any more)?
 What should be documented? The developers corner describes pretty
 well already what it takes to create a Debian package. The kernel
 documentation (apart from the /usr/include symlinks) describes how to
 compile a kernel. /usr/doc/kernel-* (various kernel-* [ackages now)
 document how to use make-kpkg. 

	I am *tired* of spoon feeding people, and then have them come
 around and complain that the spoon feeding was not in their
 face enough. 

 Raul> I don't think this needs to turn into a policy issue, but then other
 Raul> issues which I'd consider less worthy (emacs oriented stuff) have had
 Raul> more thorough documentation, and are better represented across packages.

	I find this to be untrue, and mildly insulting. Maybe I am
 reading this wrong. The README files in the kernel image and
 kernel-package documentation document this quite well enough.

	And really, one should, if only one had a clue, be able to
 compile a kernel with out all this fandango. the Documentation
 directory in the kernel sources are all that people seem to require
 every where else in Linux.  kernel-package merely makes this more
 convenient; but by no means is it mandatory. If you want to make it
 mandatory, raise its priority to standard.

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