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Re: Kernel Recompile

>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

 Raul> It should be documented, for people who have an existing system, that
 Raul> they what they need to do to rebuild the kernel, when they run into
 Raul> situations where the debian kernel doesn't support the features they need.

 Raul> It can't be assumed that they've installed make-kpkg unless it's
 Raul> rated at least standard.

	Well, if they install a Debian packaed kernel source package,
 it is documented in there. It is documented in the kernel-package
 package. If you wish, I shall even add it to the kernel-image
 package, about what one should do to upgrade the kernel the debian

	I have no objection to having the priority of kernel-package
 be raised to standard for a Debian system. However, I can't really
 propose this, since I am far from being unbiased; and I suspect one
 would have t fight tooth and nail against people who prefer compiling
 their kernel the good, old fashioned way, just like grandpa. Not a
 fight I feel like fighting.

 In dealing with people, an ounce of sincere, good intentions is worth
 a pound of cleverness. --anonymous
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