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Re: Status of qmail?

On Tue, Jul 14, 1998 at 01:36:06PM +0000, Joseph Carter wrote:
> An interesting side issue..  At this stage, what would be done with the
> qmail-src package if the program DID become free?  I can understand that a
> qmail binary would be permitted in main for slink at that point, but what of
> hamm?  It would not be right to keep the qmail source package in non-free
> anymore, but a binary package would be a NEW PACKAGE.  Granted, the qmail
> package has been tested rather extensively and has no release-critical bugs
> filed against it (they'd be against qmail-src I would expect) but the
> package in binary form has not existed in Debian's package lists before.
> Of course, this is assuming TJB will even entertain the idea.  I'll start
> writing that email today, in either case.  I'll probably not send it until I
> see what a couple more people have to say though.

	DJB. And *please* don't write to him - he's known for slow replies,
	and this has been discussed _many_ times. Phil Hands, our qmail
	maintainer, is working on a distributable qmail-binary, please let
	him do it in peace (and keep DJB happy).

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