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Re: Status of qmail?


I've been a little occupied with CD images etc recently, and qmail's licence 
tends to bump it a couple of notches down my priority list, but I think I
will be able to comply with DJB's var-qmail conditions, and thus produce a 
real actual qmail binary deb Real Soon Now (tm).  Of course it will result
in a package that seriously violates our file system layout, but who cares,
it's non-free anyway ;-)

As far as qmail for default MTA goes, I really cannot see Dan changing his 
mind about the problems with his (lack of) licence, so don't expect to see 
qmail in main any time soon --- therefore, it won't be our default MTA.

As for trying gentle persuasion with Dan, it's probably best to leave him 
alone.  He is fully aware of the issues as we see them, but happens to look at 
things differently.

I would suggest people just agree to differ with him on that one, since he'll
only make you angry otherwise, and that's not good for the soul (yours or his).

On a positive note, the addition of the var-qmail stuff to the distribution 
permissions appears to be a concession of sorts, on his part, to accommodate
the needs of distributors, so even if qmail never becomes free enough to be 
allowed into Debian proper (i.e. main), at least this should be enough for 
some commercial vendors to dump sendmail as their default MTA.

Cheers, Phil.

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