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Re: Kernel Recompile

>>"Roberto" == Roberto Ruiz <rruiz@gemtel.com.mx> writes:

 Roberto> We (he, he, ups) ... they can't make it standard, because it
 Roberto> is not really needed, and it is not probable that someone
 Roberto> how is *nix trained, expect it to be on his/her box.

	Well, dpkg fails the second criterion too, so a debian
 specific package may indeed break the rule about "expectation of
 existence on a UNIX box", if otherwise deemed important.

	So it all boils down to the question of whether it is really
 needed.  I think that it should be very strongly recommended that
 everyone compile their own kernel, rather than use the bloated
 generic kernel required on boot disks (which need to have every
 driver under the sun). And I submit that make-kpkg certainly eases
 the task of kernel compilation; as well as taking care of the
 ancillary problems, for the most part. 

	But, I am quite biased on this issue, so I shall not insist. 


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