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Re: Debian Free Software (FSF) or Open Source? (was Re; non-cd...)

Steve Lamb <morpheus@calweb.com> wrote:
>     Then do the right thing and ask Trolltech if they object and ask
> for an aswer on the record. I'm willing to lay good money down that
> they do not.

What do you mean by "on the record"? Do you mean in terms legally
binding as a license?

If so, why haven't they done this yet? Are you suggesting no one has
raised the license issue with them? [If so, I think I can dig out mail
from a year or so ago where basically they said that they know that
there's a legal problem there but that they didn't intend to pursue it.]

If the terms are not legally binding as a license, what happens if/when
the license changes hands? You want everyone who distributes debian to
assume this legal risk?

Anyways, it's poor taste, at best, to violate someone's license.


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