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Re: Debian Free Software (FSF) or Open Source? (was Re; non-cd...)

>>"Kevin" == Kevin Atkinson <kevina@clark.net> writes:

 Kevin> I think that Debian should keep that guideline to identify to people
 Kevin> what is truly free but should adopt a slightly less strict guideline to
 Kevin> be able to include stuff like Qt, KDE and Mysql into the official
 Kevin> distributions.

	Why? To what ends? Why should we compromise our principles?
 Why go to the bother of defining what we consider to be free, and
 then turn around and say we don't wanna? Qt just ain't worth it. 

 >> The dfsg is the only thing that ensures that Debian is freely available to
 >> everyone (and even more). 

 Kevin> Yes it does.  But unfortunately it limits what can go in it.  Stuff that
 Kevin> is not trully-free but free-enough does not go in it when it goes into
 Kevin> almost every other distribution.

	Thank the lord. We are not every other distribution. We are a
 *FREE* distribution, where the DFSG defines free.

	Frankly, I don't see any reason why I am even discussing this
 with you.

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