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Re: Packages to be removed from hamm

On Fri, May 29, 1998 at 02:35:29PM -0400, Brian White wrote:

> > > > They are both based on ircII code.

> > FWIW there is no bugreport against tkirc either.  Could you then
> > simply add these packages to your list - we should treat all packages
> > equal.  (which includes bugreports, if I find enough time tonight
> > I'll investigate this and file appropriate bugreports, but I doubt,
> > s/o else please.)
> Tkirc had an explicit dependancy on ircii which is how I found it.  I've
> already filed a bug report against ftp.debian.org to have these moved
> rather than simply removing them.

*grin*  So we have left some more weeks for fixing this, i.e.
contacting Mr. Sandrof.  *sigh*



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