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Re: New APT version


	I just did preliminary analysis of this stuff, just off the
 cuff estimates on my machine, and guestimating up for a full
 distribution. But I think, as a rough estimate, the full du -S
 information may come to 1.8M, and gzipped down would be about 3 times
 the size of the Packages file.

	As I said, *not* a good idea.

	A separate sizes file could be of interest, then.

       Well, on my machine, with large numbers (1207) of packages
 installed; I looked at all the /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list
 files. Concatenated together, it was over 5M in size, with 144703
 files and directories. Thankfully, we do not need all this data. We
 just need to know how many directories there are.

        Well. There are 33500 dirs that would need to be listed for the
 packages on my machine. The size of the raw dirs file is 953422
 Bytes, but add 8 bytes per dir for the size. Hmm. that is 
 953422 + 8 * 33500 [--- Emacs Calculator Mode ---] == 1221422 bytes

        Hmm. Compressed down, assuming a 2:1 ratio, this would be
 bigger than the 332K of the largets Packages.gz file we have. And
 this is not even the full distribution, we have around 1800 packages,
 and I only have 1200 installed. Say, a 50% increase. 1832133
 bytes. Gzip down to about 800k, I think, about 3+ times the size of
 the largest Packages.gz file we have.


__> dpkg -l | egrep ^ii | wc -l
__>ll all
5615 -rw-r--r--   1 srivasta srivasta  5725858 May 22 00:12 all
__> wc -l all
 147703 all
__> wc dirs
  33500   33500  953422 dirs

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