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Re: New APT version

>>"Jason" == Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:

 Jason> How do you intend to get the information? Examine the debs
 Jason> after they are downloaded?

	Well, I think that putting the information into the Packages
 file is a bad idea -- especially for large packages. We need a line
 per directory and there is no reason to inflate the packages files
 for packages we ain't even updating. 

	So, yes, I was thinking of taking the .deb apart using ar and
 looking at the sizes file; yes, it is slow, but I guess you can
 either have ample disk space, or suffer while apt figures out whether
 you have enough space left; so everyone else is only minimally
 impacted ( a small one block file embedded in the .deb for most

	Requires no retooling of dpkg, which I think is critical for
 any scheme ;-). This method seems to be simple enough, and I think
 meets our requirements.

	Any sheme, which calculates whether there is enough space at
 hand, shall need information about each package; since we do not know
 mount schemes a priori [my /usr/lib/ is a separate partition from
 /usr]; we need information about each dir (since the a mount point is
 a dir). a compressed du -S format is about as compact as the
 information can get. So, I think, from what I remember about my info
 theory casses, this scheme is as optimal as we can reasonably
 expect. (embedding the information in packages files. downloaded over
 and over by apt, seems a horrible waste of bandwidth; at least, apt
 only downloades packages we are going to install).

 Jason> Maybe we need a /etc/apt/preinst that runparts would be called
 Jason> on. Most people probably don't care (all the machines I
 Jason> upgrade have lots of space)

	I leave that up to you (ENV vartiable saying tight-on-space
 would work ;-)

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