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Re: new debian-cd scripts

--On Thu, May 14, 1998 10:35 am +0100 "Enrique Zanardi" <ezanardi@ull.es>

> On Thu, May 14, 1998 at 09:29:11AM +0200, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
>> i rewrote the old debian-cd scripts to a new all improved makefile.
>> here is my version 0.1. Features :
>>  - will work without the "-x" exclude option of mkisofs. This option was
>>    removed in newer mkisofs version (which have now joilet fs - could be
>>    usefull).
>>  - support for adding non-free, non-US and other stuff. The official
>>    cdrom should not include this, but many cd vendors want to add non-US
>>    parts of non-free. They will do it anyway, so we should make sure,
>>    these cdroms will not be broken.
>>  - all cd's are bootable
> It would be nice to provide a different boot image in each CD, for
> example: 1st binary CD -> resc1440.bin, source CD -> resc1440tecra.bin
> 2nd binary CD -> lowmem (currently lowmem doesn't work, this is just an
> example).
> That way we may tell the users "if your 1st CD doesn't boot properly, try
> the second".
> (I plan to work on 2.88MB boot disks, but that will have to go to slink).

Hmm... why restrict ourselves to rescue 1440s on bootable CDs?  We have
oodles of space (well, I know we don't, because the CDs are full, but we
have several megabytes, surely).

Why not put a good half a dozen kernels for various common options (coupla
different SCSI cards, etc) on the CDs?  In fact, surely there's room for a
20M of so base system?


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