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Re: bug #21739 - xfstt -- comments?

On Mon, May 04, 1998 at 10:56:43PM +0000, Rev. Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Mon, May 04, 1998 at 11:28:20AM -0400, Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> > I have been working on the xfstt package to take it over. Until a few
> > days ago there was only one bug of "Wishlist" priority filed against
> > it which is now ready to close as soon as I am able to upload
> > files (ie am finished registering as a debian package maintainer et al)
> > It now makes a pid file in var run like a "good little deamon" and can
> > be started
> > and stoped form a scipt in /etc/init.d
> > however this new bug has been reported...and I am looking for comments
> > about how to fix this one.
> Cool..  I haven't even looked at the source to this thing so I don't know if
> it can be done, but Mozilla can't tell any TTfonts are fixed width..  I
> didn't file a bug report because I don't know that it's something that is
> Mozilla, xfstt, both, or if it could be fixed..
hmm an interesting question since I don't even have mozzilaa...
(I have the source but...not compiled yet)
it really could be either...tho...
I hafta look through the xfstt docs again (I am still familiarizing
myself with the code...the few changes I made were "no-brainer"
things like making  apid file and deleting it)
it COULD be a problem with xfstt but...likely it is not a bug
but a limitation imposed by factors beyond its direct control
(it has a few quirks like that)...ill keep it in mind tho when
I poke around ..thanx for the info 
> > The new bug states the xfstt keeping the true type fonts in /var/ttfonts
> > is
> > a violation of both the FHS and the FSSTND
> > what would be a good directory for them?
> I'd agree with the upstream author and use /usr/lib/X11R6/fonts/ttf
> probably.

 am agreeing with him too to some extent...I do wanna look around  abit more
it seems (from my cursory look over the standards) that they make some
big "exceptions" for X11 itself and treat it special because "it is the
biggest single package commonly used..."
it may be that even that is no tthe "best" place and Xjust keeps it there
because "It is X and we make excpetions for X" :)
anyway...I think ill sit back a bit and wait until I can upload what I have
then I think I will take a week and mull over this a bit (print out
and read over the standrads again...whatever did happen
to my pretty little binder with the FHS...)
this bug doesn't break anything...no other package should take a nutty or
not install because of it...so it is not so urgent that i wanna rush and
screw it up (the xfstt source is already hacked up enough ;)...)
Although...I do disagree a bit with the idea of it going under
/usr at all...because xfstt writes to the ttfonts directories
to store some info abou tthe currently 8installed fonts...
like I said..this one will (as the guy at the help desk says when I bring
him a really AFU DWO) "require some thought"

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