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Re: bug #21739 - xfstt -- comments?

On Mon, May 04, 1998 at 11:28:20AM -0400, Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> I have been working on the xfstt package to take it over. Until a few
> days ago there was only one bug of "Wishlist" priority filed against
> it which is now ready to close as soon as I am able to upload
> files (ie am finished registering as a debian package maintainer et al)
> It now makes a pid file in var run like a "good little deamon" and can
> be started
> and stoped form a scipt in /etc/init.d
> however this new bug has been reported...and I am looking for comments
> about how to fix this one.

Cool..  I haven't even looked at the source to this thing so I don't know if
it can be done, but Mozilla can't tell any TTfonts are fixed width..  I
didn't file a bug report because I don't know that it's something that is
Mozilla, xfstt, both, or if it could be fixed..

> The new bug states the xfstt keeping the true type fonts in /var/ttfonts
> is
> a violation of both the FHS and the FSSTND
> I agree with this...now that I think about it...this IS a violation
> (unfortunatly...bad news...I lost my printed copy of the FHS and the
> I will be printing up new copies soon tho)
> any thoughts on wher ethe true type fonts should go?
> what would be a good directory for them?

I'd agree with the upstream author and use /usr/lib/X11R6/fonts/ttf

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