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bug #21739 - xfstt -- comments?

I have been working on the xfstt package to take it over. Until a few
days ago there was only one bug of "Wishlist" priority filed against
it which is now ready to close as soon as I am able to upload
files (ie am finished registering as a debian package maintainer et al)
It now makes a pid file in var run like a "good little deamon" and can
be started
and stoped form a scipt in /etc/init.d
however this new bug has been reported...and I am looking for comments
about how to fix this one.
The new bug states the xfstt keeping the true type fonts in /var/ttfonts
a violation of both the FHS and the FSSTND
I agree with this...now that I think about it...this IS a violation
(unfortunatly...bad news...I lost my printed copy of the FHS and the
I will be printing up new copies soon tho)
any thoughts on wher ethe true type fonts should go?
what would be a good directory for them?
I e-mailed the upstream author and he said:

> Check out the new --dir option. Maybe the best place would be near
> the other X11 fonts: /usr/X11R6/lib/fonts/ttf, but I'm sure this
> would cause a bit confusion for some users who would put this
> directory into their fontpath.
So any ideas (he is planning to leave the upstream source as keeping it
/usr/ttfonts ...right now I would say our version uses choe the lesser
where ould be a good place for fonts that woul dnot (hopefully) confuse
users too much?
Once I decide maybe I shoul dput a check in the preinst that will detect

the /var/ttfonts and move it to the new place (shoul dthat step require
user interaction???)
your ideas and comments are apreciated
PGP Key at: http://www.gis.net/~sjc/pgp.asc
(BTW Thanx allot Noah for pointing out why putting my pgp key here was
a bad idea...now I hafta find a new funny quote or something for here)
"Ummm, me make *one* change. Stone hot so me soak in stream so
stone not burn Lorto hand. Small change, shoul dnot keep Lorto from
make Fire."

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