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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

On Sat, May 02, 1998 at 11:36:28AM -0700, John Labovitz wrote:
> > The whole exim package is about 500k, which only takes 5 minutes or so
> > to download via modem - so I'd probably stick with that (unless
> > something better comes along).  MTA choices are easy, because there is
> > very little user-visible stuff involved.  
> have you looked at ssmtp?  i just took a quick look at the source, and
> it seems that it's *extremely* simple -- sounds like a good one for a
> send-only MTA.

Looking at your results of looking at it...

> config options excerpted from the INSTALL file:
> 	root: The person who gets root's mail (also daemons', etc).
> 		This userid (on the mailhub) get all mail sent to
> 		local adressees with userids less than 10.  In other
> 		words, she gets mail the system mails to root, daemon,
> 		etc.

ooh!  I did -NOT- know it did this.  Not thinking it had this was my one
complaint about the package.  Can you specify your own MDA (ie procmail) for

> 	mailhub: The place where the mail goes.  This is looked up with
> 		gethostbyname, and so must resolve to an IP address. MX
> 		records don't count, as several vendors' machines that we
> 		run ssmtp on (notably suns) don't fully support them.
> 		They'd be nice, though...

That's fine for your dialup ISP.

> 	rewriteDomain: The place to say the mail came from. This is for
> 		hostname-hiding, and only applies if the programs is
> 		compiled with REWRITE_DOMAIN defined. We don't usually have
> 		to do so (our main mailhubs run zmailer: our clients run all
> 		sorts of junk).

Again, fine for a dialup ISP...

> 	hostname: the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the machine, in case
> 		you have set hostname to the short form.

Ugh.  Depending on what it needs this for, it could be not good that it
wants this.  Then again, since this thing would probably only run when you
were on the net, it would be no major pain to just configure it in ip-up.d.

> it would be way cool if the configuration of the above could be
> somehow linked in with a ppp dialup script -- ie, i have two ISPs, and
> two associated mailhub/hostname settings.  the right one should be set
> when i connect to a given ISP.
> i believe there's already a debian package of ssmtp.

Yes there is, and it would be easy to have two setups I would think, though
it might need some tweaking of the pon script to do it.  Essentially take
the current script which is:

/usr/sbin/pppd call ${1:-provider}

and make it:

export MYISP=${1:-provider}
/usr/sbin/pppd call $MYISP

This would have $MYISP available to ip-up.d scripts.  That would be the name
of the provider if you had more than one, or just "provider" for the generic
one (a symlink on my system)

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