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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

On Sat, May 02, 1998, Rev. Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Sat, May 02, 1998 at 11:36:28AM -0700, John Labovitz wrote:
> > have you looked at ssmtp?  i just took a quick look at the source, and
> > it seems that it's *extremely* simple -- sounds like a good one for a
> > send-only MTA.
> >
> > config options excerpted from the INSTALL file:
> > 
> > 	root: The person who gets root's mail (also daemons', etc).
> > 		This userid (on the mailhub) get all mail sent to
> > 		local adressees with userids less than 10.  In other
> > 		words, she gets mail the system mails to root, daemon,
> > 		etc.
> ooh!  I did -NOT- know it did this.  Not thinking it had this was my one
> complaint about the package.  Can you specify your own MDA (ie procmail) for
> this?

I'm afraid that you can't do that (well, the first s in ssmtp stands
for simple...).

> > 	mailhub: The place where the mail goes.  This is looked up with
> > 		gethostbyname, and so must resolve to an IP address. MX
> > 		records don't count, as several vendors' machines that we
> > 		run ssmtp on (notably suns) don't fully support them.
> > 		They'd be nice, though...
> That's fine for your dialup ISP.
> > 	rewriteDomain: The place to say the mail came from. This is for
> > 		hostname-hiding, and only applies if the programs is
> > 		compiled with REWRITE_DOMAIN defined. We don't usually have
> > 		to do so (our main mailhubs run zmailer: our clients run all
> > 		sorts of junk).
> Again, fine for a dialup ISP...
> > 	hostname: the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the machine, in case
> > 		you have set hostname to the short form.
> Ugh.  Depending on what it needs this for, it could be not good that it
> wants this.  Then again, since this thing would probably only run when you
> were on the net, it would be no major pain to just configure it in ip-up.d.

It is used to write header stuff, to generate the From: line if
RewriteDomain is not specified.

It is also used to send a HELO command, but this could/should be changed.


(ssmtp maintainer)

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