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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

On Sun, May 03, 1998 at 01:37:28AM +1000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> things (like different alias files per domain). exim and smail are both
> easy to set up with the provided configuration programs though
> (which seem pretty much identical in my limited experience).

eximconfig was originally based on smailconfig. Both I and the previous
maintainer have changed it quite a lot, but nonetheless it retains much of
the original structure.

> > You DON'T need a news server.  slrn is a good thing here!
> Any newsreader, for that matter -- rtin, for example.

No, that's useless on dialup links, which I understand is a large part of
the market Jim wants to aim for. You need either an offline reader like
slrn, or a simple news-server (and I'd recommend leafnode for this).

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