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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

Rev. Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@earthlink.net> wrote:
> You need MTA.  You just do.  But you don't need a complex MTA.  If you
> consider sendmail the standard to judge by, most everything is smaller,
> simpler, or better for personal systems.  My personal choice for an MTA is
> qmail.  The savings in configuration and maintenance (or lack of needing to
> do either) far outweighs the time required to wait and watch it compile.

To be fair: if you install qmail you also have to have gcc, bintools,
make, libc*-dev, and maybe more.  [Also, on a slow system without much
disk it can take several hours to compile -- not that I think this is
a likely consumer configuration for next year.]

> You don't need ftpd and telnetd.  You probably do need an http server for
> documentation, but then again dhttpd is small and does the job nicely.

Much better than a server would be a browser which supports cgi for
local browsing. [Warning: this concept would need to be fleshed out
before it could be implemented. Issues are: mime type issues for
non-executables, mime-type issues from the result of a "cgi", handling
of forms data without an http server, nph-, and maybe a wee bit more.]


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