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Re: first proposal for a new maintainer policy

>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

Raul> It's that things which people haven't invented yet concept which
Raul> has had me objecting to this concept of "policy must be
Raul> followed".  If you look at policy as a set of *goals* rather
Raul> than a set of *rules* I think you'll have something a lot more
Raul> valuable.

	Look, policy is never going to be all encompassing. There
 shall always be errors of omission (things not yet invented). In
 which case, we enter into the ``let us get policy correcterd phase''.

	Either policy is correct, in which case we follow it, or it is
 incorrect, in which case we mend it, and then follow the mended
 policy. No goals. Just a set of mutating, adapting rules, which at
 any given time are our best effort.

Raul> When you arrive on a new job, do you expect to be told
Raul> procedures for thinking, for using the restroom, and for
Raul> walking?  If you started advocating such things, what kind of
Raul> reception do you think you'd get?
	Now who is characterizing the policy writers as being stupid?
 Policy should dictate what the result are, for the most part, and not
 how it is done, except in cases where there is a clear path (do not
 write to files in /tmp unless you were careful in creating them; they
 could be linked to /etc/passwd).
	So policy should not contain things analogous to procedures
 for using the restroom. However, it would contain acceptable use
 definitions for the office machine.


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