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Re: first proposal for a new maintainer policy

>>"Chris" == Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> writes:

Chris> 'Manoj Srivastava wrote:'
>>  Well, I think if one is not constrained to follow policy, nor
>> required to do so, I see no reason to actually follow policy. Why
>> is it so bad to require policy to be followed?

Chris> How would you enforce it?  Why require something which your
Chris> police force cannot enforce?  I hope you don't wish to flog or
Chris> flame violators?

	I wish you would talk to Raul directly. He points out that
 violations of policy shall be enforced thus:
 a) since policy is supposed to be authoritative for bug filers, and
    policy violation can be flagged as a bug.
 b) any disputes about the bug are to be resolved by the tech
 c) the tech committee looks at the policy manual for guidance.


Chris> Since we are all conscientious people here, it seems that we
Chris> would be better off using bugs and policy as a means of
Chris> _persuading_ others to follow us.  Not as something required.

	Unless there is some reason for me to follow policy, I
 shan't. I shall use my own judgement, and if we have not adopted
 policy, then even the name is wrong.

Chris> I agree that developing impediments to bad packages is
Chris> important.  But I don't see any value in trying to enforce
Chris> those impediments.

	Saying Policy has to be followed is not enforcement. We
 enforce violations exactly as you said -- with bug reports.

	I do confess to being surprised at the vehement opposition a
 simple sentence like "policy should be followed, except for certain
 riders, which are ...". I wonder.

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