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Re: first proposal for a new maintainer policy

'Manoj Srivastava wrote:'
>	Well, I think if one is not constrained to follow policy, nor
> required to do so, I see no reason to actually follow policy. Why is
> it so bad to require policy to be followed?

How would you enforce it?  Why require something which your police
force cannot enforce?  I hope you don't wish to flog or flame

Since we are all conscientious people here, it seems that we would be
better off using bugs and policy as a means of _persuading_ others to
follow us.  Not as something required.

I think of policy and bugs as a cultural procedure to more formally
advise developers and users on the collective wisdom of the Project.
I agree that developing impediments to bad packages is important.  But
I don't see any value in trying to enforce those impediments.

Humorous note:
Whenever I get called to jury duty, I tell the judge "why of course, I
will take your pronouncements and the entire history of law under
advisement in rendering my decision".  For some odd reason they usually
dismiss me at this point.  I guess the judicial system is not as
open-minded as I am :)

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