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Re: UNIX and ease of use

Urmm, first, a minor correction.  Debian is VERY easy to use.  It is
perhaps more difficult to LEARN than Win95.  A small but very
important distinction.

David Welton <davidw@gate.cks.com> writes:

> If ease of use is an important concern, than instead of arguing over
> one name, we ought to do something to :
> 1.  Make ppp easy to set up.  From irc and newsgroup experience, this
> is the biggest hurdle.

Hmm, one problem is that no other distro uses pon.  Not that pon is
bad.  I have never used it since I use diald.

I agree things like PAP/CHAP need help.

> 2.  Provide the option of a nice, easy to configure window manager, or
> barring that, some sort of wm configuration package that provides a
> nice default.

I think that fvwm2 + the menu stuff fulfills this now.

> 3.  Hammer on the installation disks, so they work *everywhere*.  It's
> really frustrating when someone is forced to go with another
> distribution because our boot disks don't work.

This I've never seen, except on laptops.


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