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Debian Retail Package design contest

Debian's done great with the Official CD. The one problem with it is that
the Official CD is a mail-order package. I'd like to put together a Retail
package. Ben suggested I make its design a Gimp contest. I'm not sure it will
fly as a gimp contest, but here's what I'd propose.

The Debian Retail Package design contest is not primarily an art
contest. This is the first Gimp contest for Product Design. The winning
entry will be judged on mostly on the basis of marketing factors.

There are three formats for the package.

1. A looseleaf binder containing CDs and a printed manual. The art items for
   this package are the front and back covers and the labels of 3 CDs (one
   source CD and two Binary).

2. A standard-sized software box. The art items for this package are the front
   cover, 4 sides, the back, and the cover and back of a printed manual
   enclosed in the box, and the labels of 3 CDs.

3. A jewel box containing 3 CDs and a small printed manual. The art items
   are the CD front and back covers and the CD labels.

Entries should be designed for CMYK printing with bleed. They should
make use of the Debian logo (see www.debian.org), and the words "GNU/Linux"
should appear on the front of the box in large type. A screen shot from an
actual Debian system should appear, probably on the back cover, and
should illustrate some of the capabilities and power of the system. Text
on hardware and user requirements and the power of the system should appear.
We would provide material for this. Entries should include art for all of the
components listed above.

Judges have not been asked yet. I would ask for Phil, the publisher of
Linux International, some Linux International board members
with sales and product marketing experience, myself, others I haven't
thought of yet.

The prize would be fame and whatever I can get companies do donate. Entries
would become property of SPI and we would not commit to use any of them.
Producers of entries would have unlimited license to use their entries for
self-promotion, resumes and portfolios and so on.



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