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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

>>"bruce" == bruce  <bruce@va.debian.org> writes:

bruce> Manoj, You're just trying to bait me, as are Brian and Dale. It
bruce> won't work.

	I am not trying to bait you (if I did, it would not be in a
 public forum). (Actually, I think maybe I should resent that
 implication ;-)

	I think you have, in this case, lost perspective, and , pardon
 me, gone off the deep end (similair to your effort to ban
 purity). Then, as now, I have spoken up.

bruce> If you and Brian and anyone else want to do something rude and
bruce> stupid and inconsiderate on behalf of the project, you can
bruce> expect me to fight it. I care more about Debian than that. I've
bruce> learned from these interactions and I'm not backing down.

	Rude and stupid and inconsiderate. Hmm. All right, I shan't
 descend to your level, and attempt to point out which posting indeed
 displays those characteristics.

	I do think that UNIX has been, so far, had programs named by
 people who do have a modicum of sense and humour, and do not see
 deities and satan (is satan a deity? The hindu equivalents are or are
 not, depending on which authority you refer to). I think bending over
 backwards to satisfy a supposed set of people who shall be potentially
 offended by a name is not the way to go either, until we find some
 people really offended by it (by your own admission you are not).

	There are myriad of ways someone, somewhere, shall be offended
 by anything you do. The trick is to find when you should care. In
 this case, I have not yet seen any evidence of it.

	Do you not find it strange that you are out there, apparently
 alone, on this issue?

	Or do you truly believe you are the only one who cares about
 the reputation of Debian? 

	That the rest of us have absolutely no investment in the
 project? Or do you think we like being rude, on principle? And you
 alone have the interest of the project at heart?  


 "Just once I'd like to meet an alien menace that isn't immune to
 bullets." The Brigadier, Doctor Who
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