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UNIX and ease of use

If ease of use is an important concern, than instead of arguing over
one name, we ought to do something to :

1.  Make ppp easy to set up.  From irc and newsgroup experience, this
is the biggest hurdle.

2.  Provide the option of a nice, easy to configure window manager, or
barring that, some sort of wm configuration package that provides a
nice default.

3.  Hammer on the installation disks, so they work *everywhere*.  It's
really frustrating when someone is forced to go with another
distribution because our boot disks don't work.

Suggestions for implementing the above?  Don't know much about easy
ppp config tools, but maybe we should pick one and really put some
effort into it.  This is, as I said, a big sticking point for many
users.  A wm?  Don't think any of them provide strictly graphical
configuration, so maybe we ought to make a package of different
'theme's for those wm's that support them.  Fvwm2, for instance, is
really cool, but it's tough to get started with.

Anyway, just some random additions to the conversation,
David Welton                          http://www.efn.org/~davidw 

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