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Re: none

>>>>> "Luiz" == Luiz Otavio L Zorzella <zorzella@conexware.com> writes:
    Luiz> Which orgs?

The expressions of interest have been posted on linux-java, which is where this
thread should go.

    Luiz> Thanks for the info. I'm glad people are working on this
    Luiz> field (java and linux). Sometimes I feel like things are
    Luiz> sorta dead... with blackdown org stopped, and scattered
    Luiz> efforts to make ports, many java packages with no (or
    Luiz> little) support for linux, fewer yet with debian and/or
    Luiz> redhat packages...

Being one of those fragmented porters, I understand how you feel.

"Normality is a statistical illusion." -- me

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