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Maciej Stachowiak <mstachow@mit.edu> writes:

> Subject: Re: [Tim Wilkinson <tim@transvirtual.com>] [ANNOUCEMENT] Kaffe: The future 
> In-reply-to: Your message of "24 Feb 1998 11:55:54 PST."
>              <87en0sdbg5.fsf@fleming.jimpick.com> 
> --------
> > If they don't want to change their license to be DFSG free (they seem
> > to want to build a business around it), I propose that we set up
> > kaffe+kore+biss-awt in CVS on master.debian.org (perhaps in the Gnome
> > repository), and fork a version.
> I agree that this is bad news, but a major good-faith effort should be
> made to get the authors to release under DFSG/OSD-free terms before
> forking a version. Perhaps they do not realize how much they are
> potentially losing by taking this approach. I'm going to do my part
> and write them; I'd like to see some prominent names if the free
> software community do so as well.

It's worth a shot.

It might be difficult to convince them to go along though, since they
are a small company and I bet they are mortgaging their homes to make
this work.  It's the same difficult situation (and similar license
problems) that TrollTech is in with Qt.

If they don't want to change the license, that's fine with me, and I
wish them luck.  But for my uses, nothing but "Open Source Definition"
free software will do.


 - Jim

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