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Re: policy violation and bug reports.

>>"Mark" == Mark Baker <mbaker@iee.org> writes:

Mark> named.root is obsolete.

	Still seems to be marked as a conffile on my machine (waiting
 for a new version)

Mark> Unforunately bind doesn't distinguish between zone files it is
Mark> authoritative for which could and IMO should go in /etc, and
Mark> those it secondaries which need to be in /var;

	I do not understand. Do secondaries get to be huge? or they are not
 user modifiable? 

Mark> you have to specify one path for all of them, so really the
Mark> users' authoritative zone files have to go in /var, and although
Mark> we could put symlinks in for named.local and named.rev-local, do
Mark> we want to when none of the zone files will be like that?

	I'm not sure I understood the last sentence, but yes, I think
 we need to put any user modified files in /etc/named, and symlink
 back to /var/named if needed.

	This is not a problem, is it?

 /* we have tried to make this normal case as abnormal as possible */
 --Larry Wall in cmd.c from the perl source code
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