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Re: updated lintian reports

On Wed, Feb 11, 1998 at 10:22:14PM +0100, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> I've just updated the web page again! The report pages contain a detailed
> discription about each lintian tag now, together with hyper links to the
> policy manuals and tips how to fix the bugs! I hope you enjoy this :-)
> As I didn't spent much time on proof-reading the tag descriptions yet,
> please tell me about any typos or other problems. Please also tell me if
> you think the descriptions could be improved, etc. 

Got some broken HTML here:

E: tcl8.0: shlib-with-executable-bit usr/lib/libtcl8.0.so.1 0755

      Shared libraries should be mode 0644. (Please check out &policy,
section 3.3.3 for details.) 

Also, I have a question about overrides.

Should we perhaps arrange it so that overridden problems get audited
periodically?  I can think of two scenarios where this would be useful:

1) The override is a workaround for a problem that eventually gets fixed
2) The override masks a change that would break some other policy

I don't know exactly how linitan works, but if it defaults to silent
operation when there are no non-overridden warnings or errors, perhaps
there should be option to have it say "Overriding...", or if it defaults to
being noisy like this and mentioning the override, there should be an
option for making it quiet about overrides.  :)

The webpage, of course, should be as noisy as possible so our overrides are
visible and we know about them so we can remove them in the future if
circumstances permit.

Just some thoughts.  I'm eagerly awaiting my admission as a new

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