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updated lintian reports

Hi folks!

First of all, thanks a lot to all who sent me comments about lintian and
reported bugs! I've fixed a lot of things in lintian (see below) and
checked the whole archive again. 

The new report is available at lintian home page


Please have a look at the reports and tell me about

  - bugs in lintian
  - policy exceptions to add to the overrides file
  - other comments about lintian or policy

Note, that I haven't had time to update my mirror yet. Just ignore the
errors that lintian has found if there is already an updated package on

I plan to do a few more changes to lintian in the next days and hope that
I can finally release a first lintian package by the end of this week.

As always, _any_ comments are welcome!





- improved manpage check: binaries in /usr/games must have a manual
  page too (e.g., freeciv--thanks to Richard for pointing this out!)

- fixed bug in files check: binaries like "w-bassman" have been reported
  as possible-namespace-pollution by mistake (thanks to Joey Hess!)

- fixed bug in copyright check: due to a buggy perl regexp, the
  symlink-without-dependency has been reported even if the dependency
  was defined (thanks to Richard!)

- description check: removed check whether the package description contains
  a copyright notice since this produced too many reports by mistake
  (thanks to Manoj for checking out the available file!)

- improved description check: check for package descriptions that start
  with leading spaces (description-starts-with-leading-spaces tag)

- copyright check: renamed tag into `old-fsf-address-in-copyright-file'
  (thanks to Santiago for pointing out that the old tag was inaccurate)

- fixed bug in files check: the directory `.etc' has been treated as `etc'
  (e.g., smartlist--thanks to Santiago for tell me)

- improved `files' check: the following binaries are not reported as
  `possible-namespace-pollution' anymore: w [ at ar as bc bg cc cd cp cu
  dd df du ed ex fc fg id ln lp ls m4 mv nl nm od pg pr ps rm sh tr vi
  wc ci co dc ld su. (If you know other important binaries to add to
  this list, please tell me.)

- improved output of `files' and `shared-library' check: use octal numbers
  for file permissions, e.g., use 755 instead of `-rwx-r-xr-x' (Thanks to
  Richard for the suggestion!)

- improved `files' check: allow game directories or files to be
  group-writable/setgid if owner is `root/games' (Thanks to Joey Hess
  for pointing this out!)

- implemented `overrides' file and started to collect overrides (Thanks
  to all who told me about exceptions/override entries!)

- fixed copyright check: don't report debmake-templates/fsf-address
  bugs more than once per package

- improved `md5sums' check: ignore if conffiles are not included in the
  md5sums file

--                  Christian Schwarz
                   schwarz@monet.m.isar.de, schwarz@schwarz-online.com
                  schwarz@debian.org, schwarz@mathematik.tu-muenchen.de
                PGP-fp: 8F 61 EB 6D CF 23 CA D7  34 05 14 5C C8 DC 22 BA
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