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Re: Removing /usr/lib/sendmail

On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, Santiago Vila wrote:

> Hello.
> The /usr/lib/sendmail symlink is required by policy, but anybody can
> remove it by hand on his system.
> I encourage everybody using hamm to remove it. Only that way we will
> discover how many programs are not using /usr/sbin/sendmail yet.

AFAIK, I lot of programs (even `popular' ones like `cron') use

I think we should discuss this first, before doing any changes: Do we
really want to get rid of the /usr/lib/sendmail link?

(I'm not saying that the link makes much since to be in /usr/lib. However,
I'm objecting to the procedure of introducing such changes without a

(Does this thread belong to debian-policy?)

Comments are welcome!



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