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Re: License question

On Wed, Feb 11, 1998 at 01:51:23AM +0100, Sascha Runschke wrote:

>                  You may publicly distribute an unmodified and
>                  complete version of Majordomo, for instance as
>                  part of a collection of free software packages,
>                  but you must distribute the whole package, and
>                  you must tell people where they can obtain the
>                  latest version:
>                      ftp://ftp.greatcircle.com/pub/majordomo/
>                  You may not publicly distribute a modified or
>                  incomplete version of Majordomo.  You may make

Oh shit!

It's such a nice package!  It was...

No, it's not your english.  Please someone try to get in touch with
the upstream maintainer of Majordomo.  There's a public majordomo-workers
list, that may be the correct forum.



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