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Re: How do we interpret the Stalin license?

Rob Browning writes:
> I'm particularly concerned about the "current release" bit, and the
> insistence on the email.  While we certainly will report all the bugs
> upstream, I'm not sure what to make of (3).

>> The current release of Stalin is provided for free...

An author can always make the next release non-free if he wishes, no matter
what the license on the current release says.  The phrasing is ominous,

>> 1. You report *ALL* bugs to Bug-Stalin@AI.MIT.EDU whether or not you
>>    need them fixed.  Include the version number (0.7) in the message.

What is a "bug" and who does he mean by "you"?  He can't enforce any
conditions on the end user and neither can we, so how are we to know about
"*ALL* bugs"?  I think we could deal with this one by simply forwarding all
bug reports to him.  The only bugs we have to report are ones we find.

>> 2. You report *ALL* bugs that you fixed to Bug-Stalin@AI.MIT.EDU.
>>    Include the version number (0.7) in the message.
Same as 1. Send him a patch if you fix anything.

>> 3. You inform me that you obtained a copy of Stalin by sending a message
>>    to Info-Stalin-Request@AI.MIT.EDU to be put on the
>>    Info-Stalin@AI.MIT.EDU mailing list.

So the maintainer subscribes to his mailing list.  He is demanding that the
*recipient* of each copy inform him, not that the distributor do so.

Another junk license.  You'd think that someone capable of coding such a
large, complex program could manage to read a copyright FAQ.
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