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Re: Where's the SCSI support in Debian?

On Mon 08 Dec 1997, Cooper wrote:
> I've tried installing Debian on my machine via a 24-speed Pioneer CD-ROM
> attached to my Buslogic SCSI Flashpoint LT adapter.
> Imagine my surprise when the machine told me that there was no CD-ROM
> attached to my machine. When examining the FAQ and the README, I found
> that Debian claims to support all SCSI-adapters that are supported by
> Linux.
> I got my machine to run Linux using the Slackware distribution and it
> works like a charm so there are Linux drivers for my Buslogic. Howcome
> Debian doesn't have these compiled into the kernel?

at the time bo was released, the options for the kernel were 2.0.29 and
2.0.30. as 2.0.30 turned out to be unstable on some machines, debian
decided to use the 2.0.29 kernel. the only problem is :
buslogic flashpoint support started with 2.0.30 :-(

i wrote a mail about that topic about 5 months ago (maybe i even filed a
bug report, i don't remember).

get a 2.0.32 kernel, compile it and it will work !
in the worst case, i can compile a kernel for you.


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