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Re: Where's the SCSI support in Debian?

Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

> On Mon 08 Dec 1997, Cooper wrote:
> > I've tried installing Debian on my machine via a 24-speed Pioneer CD-ROM
> > attached to my Buslogic SCSI Flashpoint LT adapter.
> > Imagine my surprise when the machine told me that there was no CD-ROM
> > attached to my machine. When examining the FAQ and the README, I found
> > that Debian claims to support all SCSI-adapters that are supported by
> > Linux.
> > I got my machine to run Linux using the Slackware distribution and it
> > works like a charm so there are Linux drivers for my Buslogic. Howcome
> > Debian doesn't have these compiled into the kernel?
> at the time bo was released, the options for the kernel were 2.0.29 and
> 2.0.30. as 2.0.30 turned out to be unstable on some machines, debian
> decided to use the 2.0.29 kernel. the only problem is :
> buslogic flashpoint support started with 2.0.30 :-(
> i wrote a mail about that topic about 5 months ago (maybe i even filed a
> bug report, i don't remember).
> get a 2.0.32 kernel, compile it and it will work !
> in the worst case, i can compile a kernel for you.
> andreas

Thanks! I'll have a crack at it.


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