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Re: pristine sources?

In article <19971009134858.58808@lyra.rz.uni-ulm.de>,
	Martin Buck <Martin-2.Buck@student.uni-ulm.de> writes:

> Why not fix dpkg so that it can handle braindamaged sources as well?

Because there's such a huge variety of possible ways to be braindamaged.

For example, hearts (which I maintain a .deb of, but isn't part of debian
because it doesn't have a copyright notice) came as ten usenet posts, which
when glued together made a shar archive.

Even wierder, inform comes as a zip, inside which are files without any
extensions, which needed .c or .h adding, and also some that needed the
capitalisation to be changed: it came from the archimedes, which doesn't
support extensions (. is the directory separator) and is AIUI case
preserving but not case sensitive.

You could support one particular type of brain damaged packages, as you
describe, but that's only a small improvement.

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